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Creating activities and flows that work

What kind of workshops and creative sessions do you need in order to have the 'right' solutions magically appear?

Workshopping the workshop involves

Workshopping the workshop involves

Understanding the challenge at hand, the context, people we are able to get involved, people we need to reach out to
Defining the time and the number of people involved, their skills, their relationships
Writing out how you would like to feel after the workshop is over, what would you like to have achieved (sometimes called ‘the workshop objectives’)
Drawing out the energy map of the workshop
Plotting many possible activities across the ‘energy map’ to ensure that the core activity corresponds to the maximum energy in the room. Only then this results in agenda and a productive session.

Creating, Facilitating, Sharing and Learning

Creating, Facilitating, Sharing and Learning

Workshops are an absolute lifelong passion of mine, with one caveat - they have to be useful, purposeful, well constructed and fun. I do my best to bring these kind of workshops to life for different groups of people, including clients, teams and students.